Jeep Renegade BV / Compass MP Easy Wallbox 4xe

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Značka: Mopar
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Domácí wallbox.

Popis v angličtině:
The easyWallbox is a Bluetooth "Plug&Play" home charging solution. All you need is a power outlet: fix it to the wall and plug it in like any home appliance. It has a standard charging power of 2.3kW and, with an help of an electrician, it can be increased up-to 7.4kW (depending on the market), that lets you charge to 80% of full capacity in less than 4 hours and it can regulate the charging power autonomously and safely, delivering the maximum power available in your home, whilst eliminating the possibility of a powercut.

Pro vozidla:
Jeep Renegade BV 4xe (2020-....)
Jeep Compass MP 4xe (2020-....)


Doplňkové parametry

Kategorie: Lifestyle
Záruka: 2 roky
Hmotnost: 5.85 kg
Typ: 1RE
Macro Family: Q
Family: EVA1
Kód slevy: M

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