Fiat 600 Sněhové řetězy

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Značka: Mopar
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The Polaire Steel Sock is a metal sock that is suitable for vehicles with specific chains.
• Automatic fitting, tensioning and removal. Simple and easy to use.
• Auto-tensioners ensure a great fit.
• Excellent grip on snow and ice. • Simple and easy to use.
• Rubber self-tensioning system built into the chain track reduces dynamic elevation and ensures the chain perfectly fits multiple tyre sizes.
• Diamond-shaped tread offers maximum grip on snow and ice.
You must check the socks are fitted properly and test them before you set off.
Includes: 1 pair of metal socks, 1 pair of protective gloves for fitting, all supplied in a semi-rigid bag.

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Sněhové řetězy

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Fiat 600 (2023-….)


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