Jeep Avenger Vana do zavazadlového prostoru oboustranná

Kód: 50291033
Značka: Mopar
4 522 Kč 3 737 Kč bez DPH
5-10 dní

Reversible, made-to-measure luggage compartment tray with matting on one side and non-slip ABS on the other.
• It has the advantages of being both waterproof and non-slip and is ideal for transporting dirty goods. The tray features a stylish needle-punched matting that also has sound-proofing properties.
• Provides very effective protection for the original boot carpet when transporting dirty equipment or products which may cause permanent damage.
• It has a high lip to secure the load and prevent spillage (can be turned to both sides according to the edge of the tub facing up).
• With X-camo design and Jeep logo.

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Oboustranná vana do zavazadlového prostoru.

Pro vozidla:
Jeep Avenger (2023-….)


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Kategorie: Interier
Záruka: 2 roky
Hmotnost: 0.01 kg

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