Jeep Avenger, Fiat 600, 500EV 3PH Power Meter

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• The PowerMeter is a sensor that helps to optimize the electrical grid load in a building in situations where multiple electrical devices are operating like charging devices and other machines.
• Tool for Dynamic Load Balancing in combination with eProWallbox.
• The installation must be carried out by a professional electrician.
• For 3 phase electrical grid installation
• Meter that measures kWh and comminicates with ePro wallboxes.
• 3 ph meter and direct measurement.
• For configuration the eSolutions Charging App has to be used (Android, IOS).
• Modbus communication RS485.

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3PH Power Meter

Pro vozidla:

Jeep Avenger (2023-….)
Fiat 600 (2023-....)
Fiat 500EV (2020-....)


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Kategorie: EV příslušenství
Záruka: 2 roky
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